Flexible Options

All services by appointment only.

Please fill the eligibility form given on our website and send us an email with your inquiry.

Fees for Full Representation :

varies by immigration needs and program. Please contact us for details.

Only File Review ( Fees varies according to work involved)

This option is suitable for people who want to act as their own counsel, complete and submit their application to the government, without the need for representation. We can review your forms and documentation professionally and provide a list of errors, missing or inaccurate information or documents for your reference. Terms & Conditions: Please note, we will not correct your forms and documents and this service does not provide legal representation and opinion. We only provide you the report once and we review information based on what you provided. If you have further questions after the review, please book our consultation services. File review is intended for people who understand basic immigration requirements and procedures.

We also offer welcome & initial settlement package

to assist with basic needs, tools and knowledge necessary, such as opening a bank account, finding a place to live, schools for the kids, medical for the family, the necessary information to make you feel safe and inclusive in the community. This helps newcomers as it may be challenging for some who may not be familiar with the culture, customs, or even the language and many times, do not have family or friends in a new country.

We are committed to help you accessing the array of complimentary government services and community supports. There are also free pre-arrival services offered online or in-person in your home country to help you make an informed decision and better prepare for your life in Canada which can help you find a job in Canada, understanding laws, rights, and responsibilities, learn about English/French language skills and access labour market information.