Business and Investment Immigration

Business and Investment Immigration

Business immigration to Canada

Build your business in canada.
  • A strong economy
  • Low taxes
  • Low business costs
  • Excellence in research and innovation
  • A high quality of life

Business Class immigration programs aim to attract investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals with significant ability to develop new commercial opportunities to promote economic development with available venture capital, significant business acumen, and entrepreneurial skills. Each province encourages the immigration of entrepreneurs and business managers through their Provincial Nominee Programs. These programs require that you make an active investment of either your capital or management abilities in a business located in one of Canada's provinces.

Business immigration offering permanent admission to Canada comprise of the, Quebec Entrepreneur program, Quebec Self-Employed, several Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur programs, the Federal Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program and the Federal Start-Up Visa program. While the various entrepreneur and self-employed programs are aimed at individuals with a mid-range personal net worth who intend to establish and operate a business in Canada, the investor programs are suited for high net worth individuals who wish to make a passive investment with no obligation to establish a business.

Depending on the amount of funds that you have available to invest in Canada, there may be a number of options available to you. For instance, the Quebec Immigrant Investor program allows individuals to immigrate to Canada by making a government-secured, passive investment. If you are looking for a more active investment, there are a number of Entrepreneur and Provincial Nominee programs available for immigration, which will require you to invest in and operate a business in Canada. You may also wish to explore the Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa Program. Your business management and ownership experience may make you eligible for a number of entrepreneur categories within the Provincial Nominee Programs and at the federal level, or for the business immigration programs offered by Quebec.

Self Employed Immigration :

Canada welcomes self-employed individuals under Self-Employed Immigration Programs. in a variety of fields based on their success and the reputation that they have established in their field. These fields range from farming to athletics to the arts.

Canada Entrepreneur Immigration:

* Start-up Visa Program :
The Start-Up Visa Program is targeting entrepreneurs who have the potential to build innovative companies that can compete on a global scale and create jobs by encouraging immigrant entrepreneurs to grow their companies in Canada. Successful applicants link with private sector organizations in Canada, where they can receive funding, guidance and expertise in opening and operating their enterprise in Canada.

* Quebec Entrepreneur Program :
This program has been designed to allow qualified business owners and managers with the opportunity to obtain Canadian permanent residence, by effectively creating or acquiring an agricultural, commercial or industrial business in the province of Quebec.

* Provincial Entrepreneur Programs :
Canada's provinces offer a range of entrepreneur categories within their Provincial Nominee Programs.

  • Federal Investor Program (Currently Closed)
  • Federal Entrepreneur Program (Currently Closed)
  • Federal Self-Employed Program
  • Federal Start-Up Visa Program
  • PNP Investor Program
  • PNP Entrepreneur Program
  • PNP Self Employed Program
  • Quebec Investor Program
  • Quebec Entrepreneur Program
  • Quebec Self Employed Program

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