American Immigration to Canada

American Immigration to Canada

U.S. citizens can enter Canada as visitors or temporary residents for up to six months at a time without having to first apply for a visa, and just using their U.S. passports to explore their options, look for a job or just for pleasure visit. Under the auspices of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), U.S. citizens may be eligible for facilitated processing when applying for a temporary Work Permit in Canada.

Work Permits under the provisions of NAFTA do not usually require a LMIA

NAFTA Professional

A NAFTA Professional must be qualified to work in one of approximately 60 targeted professions, including professions in teaching, science, medicine, finance, law, and many more.

NAFTA Intra-Company Transfer

NAFTA Intra-Company transferees from the U.S. may be transferred to Canada on a temporary basis to work for a branch, subsidiary, or affiliate of their employer. These individuals must have worked continuously for their U.S. employer for at least one of the last three years and be employed by the company at the time of application in a position that is considered managerial, executive, or involving specialized knowledge.

NAFTA Traders and Investors

A NAFTA Trader from the U.S. must demonstrate an intention to carry out substantial trade of goods or services between Canada and the U.S. A NAFTA Investor must demonstrate that he or she has made a substantial investment in a new or existing Canadian business and that he or she is seeking entry to Canada to develop and direct the Canadian business. Work permits in the NAFTA Investor category may also be granted to employees of the primary Investor who can be considered essential staff.

Study Permit

Study Permit is another option wherein the applicant first must obtain admittance into a Canadian school program. The validity of the study permit will be tied to the length of the school program, typically 1 to 4 years. Once the students graduate, they can obtain an open, post-graduate work permit for the same duration as the length of their studies.

Express Entry

Express Entry program is a pathway to obtain permanent residency. Express Entry program works on a points-based system, where points are allotted for the skills, work experience, language ability and education.

Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship is for those who have IMMEDIATE relatives living in Canada.

Canadian Experience

Canadian Experience Class program is available to US citizens and other foreigners who have worked in Canada as a temporary worker and want to apply for Permanent Residency and reside in Canada.

Provincial Entrepreneur

Provincial Entrepreneur Program is for an entrepreneur looking to immigrate to Canada and create employment.